Neuropsychology is the perfect marriage of psychology and medicine.

Dr. Ariel Frankel uses various assessment methods to evaluate and treat individuals with suspected or demonstrated cognitive impairments. These tests offer a good understanding of how well a patient’s brain is functioning compared to their same-age peers.



Initial Consultation


The initial consultation involves a 60-minute comprehensive interview in order to obtain information about the patient’s history and symptoms. It is helpful for the patient to bring a family member or close friend with them to this appointment. It is also is helpful to:


  • Bring a current list of all medications and dosages (including over-the-counter medications and vitamins)

  • Provide records of previous neurodiagnostic testing if available (e.g. the report from a recent CT or MRI scan of the brain) and/or results from previous neuropsychological evaluations if completed at another hospital or institution

60 Minutes


Testing Sessions

Next, Dr. Frankel schedules a series of two testing sessions that typically last from 2 to 3 hours in duration. The tests that she administers are used to examine the patient's cognitive strengths and weaknesses (learning and memory, attention, language skills, visual spatial abilities, multi-tasking, reaction times), emotional symptoms, and personality variables.



2 to 3 Hours

Final Evaluation

Once the evaluation is completed, a comprehensive report and official diagnosis are provided for the patient and his/her treating physician 1-2 weeks after the final session, if not sooner. This report is for the purpose of providing recommendations as well as any referrals that might be indicated. This report may also be submitted for documentation should the patient require information for disability benefits, legal proceedings, classroom accommodations, etc.


1-2 Weeks

"Neuropsychological testing identifies a person's personal strengths and weaknesses.
With that knowledge, I can work with my patients to create a plan that maximizes their potential."

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