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Advances in medicine have extended the human lifespan, which has led to a significant increase in age-related conditions. While mild cognitive changes are a normal part of aging, a greater-than-expected decline in memory can affect daily life and indicate a more serious issue. Possible diagnoses may include:

  • Age-related cognitive changes

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment

  • Dementia syndromes


Recent findings suggest that there is a relationship between even mild head injuries and the development of longstanding cognitive and/or emotional changes, particularly among people who play high-impact sports. These changes can range from being relatively subtle to extremely debilitating. Possible diagnoses and conditions may include:

  • Psychiatric disorders such as major depression and anxiety

  • Chronic pain 

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Neurocognitive disorders that may include symptoms such as mild to severe memory loss, problems with attention, and difficulty multi-tasking

Dr. Frankel worked in the Neurology departments at University of Southern California, the University of Virginia, and North Broward Medical Center. For several years she conducted cognitive evaluations to help determine her patients' eligibility for available research studies. She was also involved in a longitudinal study to identify the onset of cognitive changes and their progression over time in an effort to promote the early diagnosis and treatment of dementia. Dr. Frankel has worked in Memory and Movement Disorders Clinics, and she has conducted pre-surgical evaluations to determine patient eligibility for DBS surgery, bariatric surgery, and spinal cord stimulator implants. 

Dr. Frankel has most recently been involved in the evaluation and treatment of NFL players who are participating in studies related to concussion and neurological conditions due to acquired brain injury. She administers a standardized battery of tests required for the NFL Baseline Assessment Program.  Combined with access to state-of-the-art neuroimaging, the athletes receive comprehensive services that meet criteria for pending or potential legal proceedings that are associated with their case.

Dr. Frankel also provides psychotherapy services for individuals who have emotional symptoms that are often secondary to their medical diagnosis. Patients can get help to cope with their diagnoses, as well as address other psychological variables such as depression and anxiety. Dr. Frankel combines solution-focused and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to help her patients create improvements in their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

"My approach is supportive but direct, and always focused on solutions.  I teach
my patients the skills they need to improve their overall sense of well being."
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